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  • Dr. Martinez, DVM - Dr. Armando
    Martinez – Veterinarian Doctor

    What Dr. Martinez enjoys most about being a veterinarian: “To be able to help defenseless animals get back to health.”

    Dr. Martinez has had many pets throughout the years; from horses, cows, and goats to dog, cat, and avian. The two pets that have touched his heart the most are his loyal and good friend Pimpon, (a Jack Russell Terrier Mix who passed away in 2010), and his gal pal Maya, a very smart and loving white German Shepherd/Husky mix that he rescued in 2011.

    Growing up in a small town in Guanajuato Mexico, and tending for his father’s farm animals, as one of his many childhood responsibilities, Dr. Martinez was inspired to become a Veterinarian. “I saw that there were a lot of large and small animals, getting sick and not enough veterinarians to care for them.”

    Dr. Martinez graduated from EMVZ of Universidad Michoacana de San Nicholas de Hidalgo Mexico in 1985. In 2001 he received his Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG Certificate) from Schaumburg Illinois. In 2002 he received his DVM License in the state of Nevada and has been working in the Las Vegas valley in different animal hospitals since. Dr. Martinez purchased Caring Hands Animal Hospital in 2011, where he hopes to grow and stay until he retires.

    His favorite activity as a veterinarian: 'Surgeries that are out of the ordinary and have a successful outcome.'

  • Claudia – Manager

    “I first became interested in the veterinarian field to be able to provide medical care for my pets; I like helping make pets healthy in general.”

    Claudia studied in PIMA Medical Institute and completed her course in 2013. Her favorite thing about PIMA: “I like that it has a strong hands-on program; I learned a lot during my internship.” Her outstanding work ethic and wonderful personality granted Claudia a manager position and is also a great leader by also filling in as a Vet Assistant when needed at Caring Hands Animal Hospital. Her highlight of the day is working with puppies and kittens, for which she has a soft spot for.

    Two Chihuahuas by the name of Gir, and Princess share a home with her kitty Mamas, who is the queen of Claudia’s household.“Perhaps one day, in the near future I will become a Vet Technician.”

  • Gonzalo – Vet Assistant/Kennel Tech Supervisor

    “I like working with pets, especially dogs. I especially enjoy running blood work and assisting with any lab work.”

    The latter is actually Gonzalo’s area of expertise since he has a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacology. His goal is to open and run his own laboratory in the near future.

    Gonzalo grew up with a charming Chihuahua named “Chaps”and has an Old-English Sheepdog named “Amadeus Jr.,” back home with his father. 

    “I also like learning about the many pet medications and their effects. I am very grateful for all the learning experience that Dr. Martinez facilitates. I enjoy working with Caring Hands because we all truly work as a team!”

  • Becky – LVT

    Rebecca aka “Becky,” studied at Pima Medical Institute, graduated in September 2011 as a Licensed Veterinarian Technician and has been working with Caring Hands Animal Hospital ever since.

    “Getting into the Vet field was something I always wanted to do, and after doing a lot of research, I was convinced that being a Vet Tech was perfect for me.”

    Becky is a true animal lover; she has had multiple pets ranging from snakes, tarantulas, Basset Hounds, and kitties. She has the sweetest Chihuahua named Daisy, and a cat named Rebel who definitely lives up to his name.

    “The best thing about Caring Hands Animal Hospital is the family-oriented environment. Working with Dr. Martinez gives me the opportunity to work for someone who truly cares about giving the best to every patient that comes in.”

    Becky’s goal as a vet tech is to continue to learn and grow in her chosen field. “My work is my passion.”

  • Stephanie - Veterinarian Assistant

    “Hola! My name is Stephanie. I am a Veterinary Assistant here at Caring Hands Animal Hospital, studied and received my certificate from Pima Medical Institute.”

    “My longing to help animals in need started at a young age, from helping my pets when they were sick, to helping and caring for pets that needed a home and a little compassion, the point came when my mom had to put a stop to it, I would have filled the house if I had to.”

    “My urge to make a difference to those who cannot speak for themselves continued as I grew.”

     “Now at 25 years old, I have a son, two years old, who i

  • Julisa - Kennel Technician

    Hi I am Julisa, and my passion for animals has always been there since I was a little girl. Working at Caring Hands Animal Hospital, my love for animals has only grown more. I love meeting all of our client’s fur babies and helping them receive the care they deserve.

    Being only 18 years old and about to graduate high school, I have been able to discover so many different parts of the Vet Field and it has made my career path easier to decide. 

    I also hope to receive my Associates Degree as a Vet Tech after studying in College of Southern Nevada (CSN).

    I believe pursuing my dream and doing a lot of research has also helped me become a great pet owner to my 5 year old ChihuahuaPinscher Kymoni.

  • Brenda – Veterinarian Assistant

    Hi my name is Brenda! I attended PIMA Medical Institute after High School to study as a Veterinary Assistant, to which I graduated from in 2017. 

    Working with animals is something I’ve wanted to do since middle school, but thought I could never do it. Now I’m glad that I’m able to help them in ways I never thought I would.

    I have had quite a few fur babies growing up, but my newest member Drew, my 6 month old pit/lab mix, has become a really big part of my life.

  • Dominique – Kennel Tech

    Hello my name is Nikki and I am a kennel technician here at Caring Hands Animal Hospital! I discovered my passion for animals at a very young age, and since then I knew I belonged in the

    veterinary field. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree so that I may become a veterinarian later on in my future. Working here has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in the environment

    that I love being around. I enjoy taking care of the animals here because I believe in treating each dog as if they were my own.

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